Morning stretch

There are a million things that you COULD add to your morning routine, but I cannot sit here and give you a finite list of all the things you need to do. What I need to do in the morning is not the same as what you need to do in the morning to have a great day. Every. Single. Morning routine guide assumes you are your most alert in the morning. That might be true for some, but certainly not all. There is not one way to do this, despite what Rachel Hollis might like you to think.

Here are some ideas

  1. Get active. Physical exercise in the morning can lead to a more energized day. It can help you with focus and concentration through out your day and wake you up! Some people find they have an easier time working out in the morning because they have less time to rationalize why they shouldn’t. Working out in the morning has a lot of benefits, but you know, we love endorphins! Getting active does not have to mean a 45 minute cardio burn out. Walking, jumping jacks, and yoga all count, for instance.
  2. Meditate. If you can meditate, more power to you. I have tried and if I don’t fall back asleep I cannot quiet my mind. Some people find that it helps to set your intentions or the tone for your day. It can help you focus and have more energy. Don’t forget that meditating can be as short as 1 minute.
  3. Drink water. Obvious one right? We know the benefits. Do it. You’re not drinking enough water. By the way did you take your meds yet? Dehydration affects brain function, so just drink more water.
  4. Wake up before anyone else in your household. Whatever. Ok it can give you quiet time to yourself to accomplish your tasks without interruption. Waking up so early that you’re miserable, is not the answer. (Disregard if you are a morning person, I don’t understand.)
  5. “Eat your frog.” Ok don’t actually do that. Mark Twain said that, not me. What Twain meant was do the hardest thing in your day first (or first-ish). Some suggest this method because you are the “clearest” most “alert” moments in the morning. I don’t feel I’m the most productive straight out of bed, but I do think there is something to be said about getting the worst thing about your day over with sooner rather than later, so you’re not dreading your upcoming tasks all day. This is especially important from my ADHD gang. I know you know that having something pending until mid-day can be paralyzing.
  6. Eat breakfast. I don’t feel strongly about this one honestly. Some people eat breakfast some people don’t. My suggestion would merely be, if you are going to eat breakfast do yourself a favor and eat a healthy breakfast. Nothing like a stack of pancakes and bacon that will kill your energy level. (Don’t worry I have some delicious and easy recipes too.)
  7. Motivation. Listen to or read something motivating. I can dig it. Reading gets the brain juices flowing and encourages creative thought.
  8. Hygiene. To the neurotypical this might seem like 2nd nature. “I would never forget to brush my teeth.” Ok, well I would if I did’t have a time for it in my morning routine. Start where you are. If showering, brushing your teeth, brushing your hair, and washing your face are not things that you can consistently do, consider adding it into your routine.

Do you.

If I could say it any louder I would. IT IS NO ONE ELSE’S BUSINESS WHAT YOU DO IN THE MORNING THAT MAKES YOU FEEL YOUR BEST! Let’s not be self destructive, but there are a plethora of things you can do in your morning routine that will set you up for a successful day.

What OTHER things, not on my list would you want to add to your morning routine?

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